Women in Tech East Coast 2019: 4 sessions and what you'll learn from them

We checked in with four of our inspirational speakers ahead of the upcoming Women in Tech East Coast, taking place on October 24-25th

Women in Tech East Coast Attendees


Carrie Parikh, Rashi Khurana, Catherine Jardines and Chaya Pamula will share their industry knowledge at this year’s Women in Tech East Coast, and here is what you can expect from their sessions. These four ladies, amongst 70+ other speakers, will be encouraging women in tech to progress in the male-dominated industry by giving their advice on how to smash the glass ceiling. The two-day event will gather together over 700 attendees to attend more than 60 sessions led by speakers from a large variety of technology companies impacting the East Coast.

Women in Tech East Coast is part of the world’s largest Women in Tech World Series. Discover more by clicking below.


Carrie Parikh – Chief Operating Officer & Chief Data and Privacy Officer @ New Jersey Office of Information Technology

Carrie Parikh
‘Why Businesses Need to Embrace Intersectionality’, 24th October at 11:30 – 12:00

Intersectionality considers different systems of oppression, and specifically how they overlap and are compounded. This is increasingly important because more companies are giving attention to D&I than ever, but often with a narrow, single-minded strategy: “We’re focusing on women first.” This approach, while well-intended, might actually get in the way of progress.

In this session Carrie helps her audience to consider what organisation can do to adopt a more intersectional approach to D&I.

Key takeaways include:

  • Realizing that by focusing on one area of diversity, like gender, can in turn only ever benefit a subset of the population
  • Recognizing that in 2019 non-intersectional D&I initiatives are effectively telling people they have to wait their turn!
  • Evaluating what will happen if we fail to adopt intersectionality to our D&I initiatives
  • Understanding how to go about adopting a lens of intersectionality?

Rashi Khurana – Vice President, Engineering @ Shutterstock

Rashi Khurana-1 
‘Developing an Innersource Model for Enterprises’, 25th October at 11:30 – 12:00

As technology teams grow beyond offices to remote cities around the world, silos and tech debt can occur, getting in the way of streamlining tech processes and scaling software development. Meanwhile, the open source culture and practice is thriving among millions of developers who are collaborating every second testing, fixing bugs and quickly creating more flexible technology without knowing who they’re working with.

Key takeaways include:

  • The personnel, structural, and cultural changes needed to create a successful InnerSource model
  • How to create a culture of trust, strong communication, and loyalty within your tech team
  • The processes necessary to leverage open source methods for aligning your business vision with the technology it develops
  • Ways to reduce complexity in process flows through automation and monitoring
  • The importance of being flexible and planning for failures

Catherine Jardines – IT Program Director @ Ally Financial

Catherine Jardines-1

‘What’s Next for Agile?’, 24th October at 14:10 – 14:40

Depending on the organization, Agile is talked about and used in a variety of different ways. Sorting through the different methodologies, terminology, and tools can often be confusing and overwhelming, preventing teams and organizations from successful adoption.

In this session Catherine will break down the different methodologies and provide strategies for how you can adopt and align different pieces to meet the needs of your organization.

Key takeaways include:

  • Agile Methodologies – Are there fixed methodologies (i.e. Scrum, Kanban, Lean, DevOps)? When and how do organizations practically apply them? Can you use multiple methodologies within a single organization?
  • Team Compositions – How can organizational structures evolve? What roles are still relevant?
  • Future Trends – Where is Agile going? Is Waterfall still relevant? What are key focus areas to stay tuned into?
  • Useful tools and resources

Chaya Pamula, President and CEO @ PamTen

Chaya Pamula-1

‘Transforming Men Into Allies in the Workplace’, 24th September at 14:10 – 14:40

In the light of diversity challenges of the tech industry and the booming globalization, organizations need to recognize men as allies being a critical component of their diversity and inclusion efforts. Chaya shares 5 ways to transform men into allies for a balanced career advice and professional growth. 

Key takeaways include: 

  • Influencing the shift in allyship from 'apathetic' to 'aware'
  • Shifting focus from being 'participant' to an 'advocate' (by spurring their internal motivation & tapping into their feminine values)
  • Influencing men to move from 'engagement' to 'empowerment' - becoming a true sponsor or promoter
  • Gender issues cannot be resolved through exclusion, can be effective only through invitation & collaboration
  • Getting comfortable being uncomfortable in challenging situations (self belief, self confidence & refining our approach & presentation)

The agenda is subject to change, please keep up to date here: https://www.women-in-tech-east-coast.com/agenda

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